Official release: SUNSTRUCK

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I’d like to announce the release of my parody/satire novel, SUNSTRUCK, just published by Twilight Times Books! I really like the cover. Just looking at it makes me want to run to the beach–almost impossible in the middle of Brussels. It is a light, fun cover for a light, quirky summer read.

To celebrate the book’s release and for a limited time, the book will have the reduced price of $2.99 (instead of $5.95). You can find it at:

Amazon | Barnes&Noble | OmniLit

I’m offering a special gift for those of you who purchase a copy: just send me proof of purchase at and I’ll give you a coupon to get my supernatural thriller, DARK LULLABY, free from Smashwords! You can learn more about the book here:

As part of the book’s release, I’m having a One-Day Blitz at Enchanted Book Tours and Bewitching Book Tours. There will also be a virtual blog tour starting tomorrow and running until September 15th.

You can read reviews about the book on Amazon and also read a chapter HERE.

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Latest review of my satire novel, SUNSTRUCK

It’s always so thrilling to read a review by somebody who TOTALLY got my book…

Here’s the latest review of my satire novel, Sunstruck. I’ll have a smile on my face the rest of the week. 🙂


Reviewed by Melissa Jackson, Living the Thrifty Life
I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Sunstruck by Mayra Calvani!  Please read on . . .

I love to read, and Sunstruck was great!  I read its entirety in one sitting, because I couldn’t put it down.
What I really liked about the book is the complexity of the conflicts.  It leaves enough room for the audience to wonder what happens next, but I was satisfied with the information it provided at the end.
This was probably the most interesting piece of fiction I’ve ever read.  I think I really liked it, because the main character, Daniella, reminded me a lot of myself.
Here is my interpretation of Sunstruck: (I promise I won’t spoil it!)
Daniella is a girl who has been through a few rough patches in life, and she always seems to date the ‘losers’. (AKA people who have a dream that really aren’t making it.)  She tries to make the best of it, but she knows in her heart that there should be more to her life.  The only two things consistent in her life is her cat, Commando and her mother, Marcela.
At 24, Daniella has been through a divorce, and is living with a guy she really doesn’t like named Tony.  Tony cares more about trying to become famous, and his drugs.
There are some odd characters presented in this story, which made it really interesting.  Everything that Daniella sees is not really what it is.  To me, there was a lot of symbolism in this book, mostly dealing with two-sided everything.  People who seem real, really aren’t.  Commando’s eyes were two different colors, characters were caught in making two decisions, etc.
I really liked how the story subtly described everybody’s way to try to find themselves:
  • Tony: tried to make the life of a famous painter, with his weird-o art.
  • Daniella: always knew there was more to her life than she was living.
  • Ismael: went from a nobody to a somebody really quickly, and was greedy and wanted more.
  • Lady Dracula: wants everlasting youth, and will go through drastic measures to ensure it is hers.
  • Marcela: lonely, tries to find her way in this world.  Feminist in disguise.
  • Mari Carmen: knows what she wants, but can’t exactly make up her own mind.
  • Zorro: The X character who puts life and threat into San Juan.
  • Commando: an imported cat who provided Daniella with stability and faith.
There are so many secrets to uncover.  You will have to read the book to find out!
If I was to describe Sunstruck in 3 words:
  1. Twisted (only book I haven’t been able to guess the ending!)
  2. Intriguing (I couldn’t put it down!)
  3. Personal (It truly hit home with me, and portrayed feelings that I consider my own!)
I would highly recommend reading Sunstruck. It will make you laugh, cry, and relate to the conflicts.  I truly love the story, and already have 3 of my closest friends interested in reading it.  (They are waiting in line!)

You can buy the book on Amazon HERE, in print or on the Kindle.

Link to the original review:


From the time I was about eleven, I loved writing stories. Writing fiction was my special talent, what made me stand out among my peers. Later, in my mid-teens, I seriously began picturing myself as a published author. The possibility of holding my own book in my hands and seeing it on bookshelves was a thrilling fantasy to have. I remember being asked in class what we planned to do with our lives. We were supposed to stand up and answer and, of course, I answered ‘I’m going to be an author.’ Agatha Christie was a big influence back then. I think I had read all of her novels by the time I turned fifteen. In those days, I also read a lot of Barbara Cartland and Janet Daily. I gobbled up their books and dreamed of becoming a known author just like them some day.

I wrote my first novel when I was fifteen. It was a Harlequin-type romance. However, that isn’t the book I’ll be discussing here because, naturally, that one never got published! It just ended up being passed around the class (behind our teacher’s back) and guiltily devoured in secret by my friends. I wrote many short stories and another novel during my early twenties, but it wasn’t until I was twenty four, that I sat down to really write a book intended for publication. Back then, the novel was titled At the Time of Dinosaurs, and it was a parody/satire about the artistic scene in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where I grew up.

The conception of this book stemmed from two factors: my personal observations of Puerto Rican artists when I was a teen and my love for satiric writing. My mother was-and still is-an artist, and although she’s ‘retired’ now, back in the early eighties she was an active painter in San Juan, showing her works at art exhibits and galleries regularly. She took me everywhere with her, so I attended all these shows and activities and I observed.

Let me tell you something, the art scene can be extremely interesting and that is because so many artists are eccentric, unconventional people. There’s so much competition, jealousy and gossip! Anyway, I guess all these experiences must have made an impression on me. When the time came to write my book, I knew these were the people and situations I wanted to write about. I decided I would make the book a parody, this way I could keep it upbeat and have the freedom to exaggerate to the point of being ridiculous. I was sure an upbeat, sharp, satiric, darkly humorous style would be perfect for my novel.

Since that time, the novel has gone through two published versions. A final version, titled Sunstruck, was published by Zumaya Publications in 2009:

You can read a review of Sunstruck on The Compulsive Reader at