Resources for Writers

Cover Art Designer
Tamra West
She designed my covers for Dark Lullaby and The Cat Cellar and Other Stories
Book Formatting for Smashwords
Lucinda Campbell
Only fiction: novels, novellas, short stories and poetry. Pricing
based on word count. Starts at $10.00 for short stories and $25.00 for
novels under 100K. Pricing varies depending on inclusion of
photos/artwork etc. and how extensive the TOC is. Please contact for a
firm estimate of price and turnaround time.
Working Writer’s Club
Fabulous club for authors and freelance writers. 
How to get Your Books into Libraries
Fabulous audio interview with Nancy O’Neill, Santa Monica Public Library

Confessions of a Literary Agent
Informative audio interview with ex-literary agent Elizabeth Little

Publishing Insiders
Radio show for keeping up to date with the publishing world. Hosted by Penny Sansevieri.

The Writing Show
Great podcasts with authors, editors, agents and librarians.

Writers Weekly
The highest circulation writers ezine in the world.

Trying to promote your book? showcases authors for a whole week–for free!

Cover Artist
Need a great cover for your self-published Kindle book? Check out J.A. Konrath’s and Alexandra Sokoloff’s cover artist:

Literary Mama
Online journal looking for contributors.

Fun link: The Journal of Universal Rejection
The founding principle of the Journal of Universal Rejection (JofUR) is rejection. Universal rejection. That is to say, all submissions, regardless of quality, will be rejected.

Be There Bedtime Stories
Read a bedtime story to your loved ones over long distance.

Global Ebook Awards
New award competition especially for ebooks. Founded by book marketing guru Dan Poynter.

Writers University
Online writing courses and master classes for serious writers.

Savvy Authors
Online courses for writers.

Pump Up Your Blog
Yahoo group for those who want to increase the comments on their blogs. Hosted by Dorothy Thompson of Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

Stories for Children’s World of Ink
Stories for Children Magazine now offers promotional services for children’s authors.

Children’s Writer’s Coaching Club
A fantastic group to join if you’re a children’s writer: weekly teleclasses, critiques and a supporting community.

Literature For Kids
Children’s magazine looking for contributors.

The Working Writer’s Club
For authors who want to make at least $100 a day from their writing.

Pets and Their Authors
Want to promote your book in an out-of-the-box way? Let Amigo the Golden Retriever interview your pet!

Pages and Pens Ezine for Kids
Onlin ezine looking for contributors.

New York Journal of Books
New review online journal looking for contributors.

Southern Review
Highly informative online journal on all aspects of the publishing industry.

Dynamic Media Release Services (Donna is my publicist — she’s fabulous!)
Too busy to write and send your own releases? Let Donna McDine do it for you. Quick and affordable.
Voice Overs by Donna
Have an eBook, book trailer, or project that needs a voice?

Freelance/Ghost Writer
Do you want to get that idea turned into a book? Do you want to write your memoirs? Do you need editing, proofreading, or a professional critique? Do you need an e-book or white paper to offer for instruction, platform visibility, or a gift? Do you need blog or article visibility for your business? We’re professional, experienced with keywords and SEO, and we cover a number of writing services.

The New Teacher resource Center
The New Teacher Resource Coaching Center invites teacher leaders and dedicated educators as a part of this growing professional membership site. The NTRCC is a support center designed for professionals who want to empower their educators and their teaching and students with a purpose and passion. Members of the center gain unlimited access to a wealth of articles, tip sheets, templates, teleseminars, and other great resources that will help them build their teaching career to the next level.

One comment on “Resources for Writers

  1. Karin Mesa says:

    I want to thank you for this most generous website. It is inspiring in its content and spirit of sharing.

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